Ingmar Glauche

Ingmar Glauche

Ingmar Glauche, Ph.D.

Group Leader 

Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry (IMB)

Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus

Dresden University of Technology

Research interests

Aging and clonality of hematopoietic stem cells

Molecular regulation of hematopoietic and embryonic stem cells

Models of lineage specification and stem cell fate decisions

Leukaemia modelling

Single-cell tracking and statistical analysis of cellular genealogies

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Articles in journals

T. Hähnel, C. Baldow, J. Guilhot, F. Guilhot, S. Saussele, S. Mustjoki, S. Jilg, P.J. Jost, S. Dulucq, F.-X. Mahon, I. Roeder, A.C. Fassoni, I. Glauche (2020):
Model-based inference and classification of immunological control mechanisms from TKI cessation and dose reduction in CML patients.
Cancer Research. Epub ahead of print.

K. Hoffmann, K. Cazemier, C. Baldow, S. Schuster, Y. Kheifetz, S. Schirm, M. Horn, T. Ernst, C. Volgmann, C. Thiede, A. Hochhaus, M. Bornhäuser, M. Suttorp, M. Scholz, I. Glauche, M. Loeffler, I. Roeder (2020):
Integration of mathematical model predictions into routine workflows to support clinical decision making in haematology.
BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 20, 28 (2020).

A. Gottschalk, I. Glauche, S. Cicconi, R.E. Clark, I. Roeder I. (2019):
Molecular dynamics during reduction of TKI dose reliably identify molecular recurrence after treatment cessation in CML.
Blood. Epub ahead of print.

L. Thielecke, K. Cornils, I. Glauche (2019):
genBaRcode - a comprehensive R package for genetic barcode analysis.
Bioinformatics. Epub ahead of print.

Artur C. Fassoni, I. Roeder, I. Glauche. (2019):
To Cure or Not to Cure: Consequences of Immunological Interactions in CML Treatment.
Bull Math Biol. 81(7):2345-2395

M. Klose, M.C. Florian, A. Gerbaulet, H. Geiger, I. Glauche. (2019):
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Dynamics are Regulated by Progenitor Demand: Lessons from a Quantitative Modeling Approach.
Stem Cells. 37(7):948-957.

H. Hoffmann, C. Thiede, I. Glauche, M. Kramer, C. Röllig, G. Ehninger, M. Bornhäuser, I. Roeder. (2019):
The prognostic potential of monitoring disease dynamics in NPM1-positive acute myeloid leukemia.
Leukemia. 33(6):1531-1534.

V. Roh, P. Abramowski, A. Hiou-Feige, K. Cornils, J.P. Rivals, A. Zougman, T. Aranyossy, L. Thielecke, Z. Truan, M. Mermod, Y. Monnier, V. Prassolov, I. Glauche, A. Nowrouzi, A. Abdollahi, B. Fehse, C. Simon, G.V. Tolstonog. (2018):
Cellular Barcoding Identifies Clonal Substitution as a Hallmark of Local Recurrence in a Surgical Model of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Cell Rep. 25(8):2208-2222.

A.M. Lyne, D.G. Kent, E. Laurenti, K. Cornils, I. Glauche, L. Perié. (2018):
A track of the clones: new developments in cellular barcoding.
Exp Hematol. 68:15-20.

M.C. Florian, M. Klose, M. Sacma, J. Jablanovic, L. Knudson, K.J. Nattamai, G. Marka, A. Vollmer, K. Soller, V. Sakk, N. Cabezas-Wallscheid, Y. Zheng, M.A. Mulaw, I. Glauche, H. Geiger. (2018):
Aging alters the epigenetic asymmetry of HSC division.
PLoS Biol. 16(9):e2003389.

I. Glauche, M. Kuhn, C. Baldow, P. Schulze, T. Rothe, H. Liebscher, A. Roy, X. Wang, I. Roeder (2018):
Quantitative prediction of long-term molecular response in TKI-treated CML - Lessons from an imatinib versus dasatinib comparison.
Scientific Reports 8: 12330.

A.C. Fassoni, C. Baldow, I. Roeder, I. Glauche (2018):
Reduced tyrosine kinase inhibitor dose is predicted to be as effective as standard dose in chronic myeloid leukemia: A simulation study based on phase 3 trial data.
Haematologica. Epub ahead of print.

M. Suttorp, P. Schulze, I. Glauche, G. Göhring, N. von Neuhoff, M. Metzler, P. Sedlacek, E.S.J.M. de Bont, A. Balduzzi, B. Lausen, O. Aleinikova, S. Sufliarska, G. Henze, G. Strauss, A. Eggert, B. Kremens, A.H. Groll, F. Berthold, C. Klein, U. Groß-Wieltsch, K.W. Sykora, A. Borkhardt, A.E. Kulozik, M. Schrappe, C. Nowasz, M. Krumbholz, J.T. Tauer, A. Claviez, J. Harbott, H.H. Kreipe, B. Schlegelberger, C. Thiede (2018):
Front-line imatinib treatment in children and adolescents with chronic myeloid leukemia: results from a phase III trial.
Leukemia. Epub ahead of print.

T. Grinenko, A. Eugster, L. Thielecke, B. Ramasz, A. Krüger, S. Dietz, I. Glauche, A. Gerbaulet, M. von Bonin, O. Basak, H. Clevers, T. Chavakis, B. Wielockx (2018):
Hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into restricted myeloid progenitors before cell division in mice.
Nature Communications 9(1):1898.

J. Grosse, H. Hornstein, U. Manuwald, J. Kugler, I. Glauche, U. Rothe (2018):
Incidence of Diabetic Ketoacidosis of New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents in Different Countries Correlates with Human Development Index (HDI): An Updated Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Meta-Regression.
Hormone and Metabolic Research 50(3):209-222.

C. Baldow, S. Salentin, M. Schroeder, I. Roeder, I. Glauche (2017):
MAGPIE: Simplifying access and execution of computational models in the life sciences.
PLoS Computational Biology 13(12):e1005898.

T. Aranyossy, L. Thielecke, I. Glauche, B. Fehse, K. Cornils (2017):
Genetic Barcodes Facilitate Competitive Clonal Analyses In Vivo.
Human Gene Therapy 28(10):926-937.

K. Cornils, L. Thielecke, D. Winkelmann D, T. Aranyossy, M. Lesche, A. Dahl, I. Roeder, B. Fehse, I. Glauche (2017):
Clonal competition in BcrAbl-driven leukemia: how transplantations can accelerate clonal conversion.
Molecular Cancer 16(1):120.

T. Zerjatke, I.A. Gak, D. Kirova, M. Fuhrmann, K. Daniel, M Gonciarz, D. Müller, I. Glauche, J. Mansfeld (2017):
Quantitative Cell Cycle Analysis Based on an Endogenous All-in-One Reporter for Cell Tracking and Classification.
Cell Reports 19(9):1953-1966.

L. Thielecke, T. Aranyossy, A. Dahl, R. Tiwari, I. Roeder, H. Geiger, B. Fehse, I. Glauche, K. Cornils (2017):
Limitations and challenges of genetic barcode quantification.
Scientific Reports 7:43249.

C.A. Chacón-Martínez, M. Klose, C. Niemann, I. Glauche, S.A. Wickström (2017):
Hair follicle stem cell cultures reveal self-organizing plasticity of stem cells and their progeny.
EMBO J 36(2):151-164.

R. Proschmann, C. Baldow, T. Rothe, M. Suttorp, C. Thiede, J.T. Tauer, M.C. Müller, A. Hochhaus, I. Roeder, I. Glauche (2017):
Response dynamics of pediatric patients with chronic myeloid leukemia on imatinib therapy.
Haematologica 102(2):e39-e42.

C. Baldow, L. Thielecke, I. Glauche (2016):
Model Based Analysis of Clonal Developments Allows for Early Detection of Monoclonal Conversion and Leukemia.
PLoS One 11(10):e0165129

M. Herberg, I. Glauche, T. Zerjatke, M. Winzi, F. Buchholz, I. Roeder (2016):
Dissecting mechanisms of mouse embryonic stem cells heterogeneity through a model-based analysis of transcription factor dynamics.
J R Soc Interface. 13(117):

J.T. Tauer, L.C. Hofbauer, R. Jung, S. Gerdes, I. Glauche, R.G. Erben, M. Suttorp (2015):
Impact of long-term exposure to the tyrosine kinase inhibitor imatinib on the skeleton of growing rats.
PLoS One. 10(6): e0131192

D. Gurrea Salas, I. Glauche, J.T. Tauer, C. Thiede, M. Suttorp (2015):
Can prognostic scoring systems for chronic myeloid leukemia as established in adults be applied to pediatric patients?
Ann Hematol. 94(8): 1363-71

T. Niederberger, H. Failmezger, D. Uskat, D. Poron, I. Glauche, N. Scherf, I. Roeder, T. Schroeder, A. Tresch (2015):
Factor graph analysis of live cell-imaging data reveals mechanisms of cell fate decisions.
Bioinformatics. 31(11): 1816-23

M. Herberg, T. Zerjatke, W. de Back, I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2015):
Image-based quantification and mathematical modeling of spatial heterogeneity in ESC colonies
Cytometry A.87(6): 481-90

E. Bach, T. Zerjatke, M. Herklotz, N. Scherf, D. Niederwieser, I. Roeder, T. Pompe, M. Cross, I. Glauche (2014):
Elucidating functional heterogeneity in haematopoietic progenitor cells: a combined experimental and modelling approach
Experimental Hematology 42(9): 826-837

J.T. Tauer, A. Ulmer, I. Glauche, R. Jung, M. Suttorp (2014):
Long-term Imatinib Treatment does not Cause Testicular Toxicity in Male Adolescents with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and in a Juvenile Rat Model
Klinische Pädiatrie 226(3):169-174

M. Herberg, T. Kalkan, I. Glauche, A. Smith, I. Roeder (2014):
A model-based analysis of culture-dependent phenotypes of mESCs
PLoS One. 2014 Mar 18;9(3):e92496

K. Cornils, L. Thielecke, S. Hüser, M. Forgber, M. Thomaschewski, N. Kleist, K. Hussein, K. Riecken, T. Volz, S. Gerdes, I. Glauche, A. Dahl, M. Dandri, I. Roeder, B. Fehse (2014):
Multiplexing clonality: combining RGB marking and genetic barcoding
Nucleic Acids Research, 42(7):e56

S. Gerdes, S. Newrzela, I. Glauche, D. von Laer, M. Hansmann and I. Roeder (2013):
Mathematical modeling of oncogenesis control in mature T-cell populations
Frontiers in Immunology 4:380

N. Scherf, C. Ludborzs, K. Thierbach, T. Pompe, I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2013):
panta rhei - a fluid registration approach to cell tracking
Current Medical Imaging Reviews (accepted for publication)

A. Ulmer, J. T. Tauer, I. Glauche, R. Jung, M. Suttorp (2013):
TK inhibitor treatment disrupts growth hormone axis: clinical observations in children with CML and experimental data from a juvenile animal model
Klinische Pädiatrie 225(3):120 - 126

N. Scherf, M. Kunze, K. Thierbach, T. Zerjatke, P. Burek, H. Herre, I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2013):
Assisting the machine - Paradigms for human-machine interaction in single cell tracking
Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2013, Informatik aktuell 2013 116 - 121

I. Glauche, L. Bystrykh, C. Eaves, I. Roeder (2013):
Stem cell clonality - Theoretical concepts, experimental techniques, and clinical challenges
Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases 50(4): 232 - 240

M. Horn, I. Glauche, M. C. M?ller, R. Hehlmann, A. Hochhaus A, M. Loeffler, I. Roeder (2013):
Model-based decision rules reduce the risk of molecular relapse after cessation of tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia.
Blood. 121(2): 378 - 384

K. Cornils, C. Bartholomae, L. Thielecke, C. Lange, A. Arens, I. Glauche, U. Mock, K. Weber, M. Schmidt, I. Roeder, B. Fehse (2013):
Clonal analysis of haematopoietic reconstitution kinetics after transplantation of gene-marked stem cells.
Experimental Hematology 41(1): 28 - 38

N. Scherf, M. Herberg, K. Thierbach, T. Zerjatke, T. Kalkan, P. Humphreys, A. Smith, I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2012):
Imaging, quantification, and visualization of spatio-temporal patterning in mESC colonies under different culture conditions
Bioinformatics 28(18):i556 - i561

I. Glauche, K. Horn, M. Horn, L. Thielecke, M. A. G. Essers, A. Trumpp, I. Roeder (2012):
Therapy of chronic myeloid leukaemia can benefit from the activation of stem cells: simulation studies of different treatment combinations.
British Journal of Cancer 106(11):1742 - 1752

N. Scherf, C. Ludborzs, K. Thierbach, J.-P. Kuska, U.-D. Braumann, P. Scheibe, T. Pompe, I. Glauche und I. Roeder (2012):
FluidTracks - Combining Nonlinear Image Registration and Active Contours for Cell Tracking.
Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2012, Informatik aktuell, 57 - 62

N. Scherf, K. Franke, I. Glauche, I. Kurth, M. Bornhaeuser, C. Werner, T. Pompe, I. Roeder (2012):
On the symmetry of siblings: automated single-cell tracking to quantify the behavior of hematopoietic stem cells in a biomimetic setup.
Experimental Hematology 40(2):119 - 130

I. Roeder, M. Loeffler, I. Glauche, other participants (2011):
Towards a quantitative understanding of stem cell-niche interaction: Experiments, models, and technologies.
Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases 46(4): 308 - 317

I. Glauche, L. Thielecke, I. Roeder (2011):
Cellular aging leads to functional heterogeneity of hematopoietic stem cells - A modelling perspective.
Aging Cell 10(3): 457 - 465

A. Meinhardt, A. Spicher, M. Roehrich, I. Glauche, P. Vogt, G. Vassalli (2011):
Immunohistochemical and flow cytometric analysis of long-term label-retaining cells in the adult heart.
Stem Cells and Development 20(2): 211 - 222

I. Glauche, M. Herberg, I. Roeder (2010):
Nanog Variability and Pluripotency Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cells - Insights from a Mathematical Model Analysis.
PLoS One 5(6): e11238

I. Glauche, K. Moore, L. Thielecke, K. Horn, M. Loeffler, I. Roeder (2009):
Stem Cell Proliferation and Quiescence - Two Sides of the Same Coin.
PLoS Computational Biology 5(7): e1000447

I. Glauche, R. Lorenz, D. Hasenclever, I. Roeder (2009):
A novel view on stem cell development: Analyzing the shape of cellular genealogies
Cell Proliferation 42(2): 248 - 263

I. Roeder, I. Glauche (2008):
Pathogenesis, treatment effects, and resistance dynamics in chronic myeloid leukemia--insights from mathematical model analyses.
Journal of Molecular Medicine 86(1): 17 - 27

I. Glauche, M. Cross, M. Loeffler, I. Roeder (2007):
Lineage Specification of Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Mathematical Modeling and Biological Implications
Stem Cells 25(7): 1791 - 1799

I. Glauche, M. Horn,I. Roeder (2007):
Leukaemia stem cells: hit or miss?
British Journal of Cancer 96(4): 677 - 678

M. Kuhnt, I. Glauche, M. Greiner (2007):
Impact of observational incompleteness on the structural properties of protein interaction networks
Physica A 373: 759 - 769

I. Roeder, M. Horn, I. Glauche, A. Hochhaus, M. C. Mueller, M. Loeffler (2006):
Dynamic modeling of imatinib-treated chronic myeloid leukemia: functional insights and clinical implications
Nature Medicine 12(10): 1181 - 1184

I. Roeder, I. Glauche (2006):
Towards an understanding of lineage specification in hematopoietic stem cells: a mathematical model for the interaction of transcription factors GATA-1 and PU.1
Journal of Theoretical Biology 241(4): 852 - 865

R. Sollacher, M. Greiner, I. Glauche (2006):
Impact of interference on the wireless Ad-Hoc Networks capacity and topology
Wireless Networks 12(1): 53 - 61

I. Glauche, W. Krause, R. Sollacher, M. Greiner (2004):
Distributive routing and congestion control in wireless multihop ad hoc communication networks
Physica A 341: 677 - 701

W. Krause, I. Glauche, R. Sollacher, M. Greiner (2004):
Impact of network structure on the performance of wireless multihop ad hoc communication
Physica A 338: 633 - 658

I. Glauche, W. Krause, R. Sollacher, M. Greiner (2003):
Continuum percolation of wireless ad hoc communication networks
Physica A 325: 577 - 600

Proceedings and Contributions to Books

I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2014):
in silico hematology - Application of mathematical modeling to predict the outcome of leukemia treatment 8: 19 - 23 ( englisch / german )

N. Scherf, T. Zerjatke, K. Klemm, I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2013):
Beyond genealogies: mutual information of causal paths to analyse single cell tracking data
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)

I. Glauche, I. Roeder (2012):
Heterogeneity and flexibility of stem cell fate decisions - A conceptual perspective
in: Stem Cells - From Mechanisms to Technologies, edited by Michal K. Stachowiak and Emmanuel S Tzanakakis, World Scientific Publishing Co. (2012)

P. Burek, H. Herre, I. Roeder, I. Glauche, N. Scherf, M. Loeffler (2010):
Towards a Cellular Genealogy Ontology
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on 'Ontologien in Biomedizin und Lebenswissenschaften' (OBML), Mannheim, Germany; IMISE-Reports 2/2010 pp. 59-63

N. Scherf, I. Roeder, I. Glauche (2008):
Correlation patterns of cellular genealogies
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology, WCSB 2008, Leipzig, Germany, pp 161-164, 2008

Creative works

PhD thesis (2010):
Theoretical studies on the lineage specification of hematopoietic stem cells
download as .pdf (6.3 MB)

Diploma thesis (2003):
Distributive flow control in multihop ad hoc communication networks
download as .pdf (1336 kB)

Final paper "Econophysics" (2001):
A Classical Approach to the Black-and-Scholes Formula and its Critiques, Discretization of the Model
download as .pdf (104 kB)

Instructions to a laboratory course (2000):
Oberflächenspannung (Surface tension - in german)
download as .ps (569 kB)

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MTZ-Award for Medical Systems Biology 2012

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Medicine (Dresden University of Technology, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus):

Winter term (2016/17):
- Lecture and seminar: Mathematical modelling and computer simulation in medical research (with T. Zerjatke, W. de Back)

Winter term (2015/16):
- Lecture and seminar: Biometrical principles and methods in clinical research (with I. Roeder)

Winter term (2014/15):
- Lecture and seminar: Mathematical modelling and computer simulation in medical research (with T. Zerjatke)

Winter term (2013/14):
- Lecture and seminar: Biometrical principles and methods in clinical research (with I. Roeder)

Winter term (2012/13):
- Lecture and seminar: Mathematical modelling and computer simulation in medical research (with M. Herberg)

Summer term (2011 -  2017):
- Tutorial and seminar: Evidence based medicine

Public Health (Dresden University of Technology, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus):

Winter term (2011/12, 2013/14, and 2015/16):
- Lecture and seminar: Principles and methods of medical research (with M. Herberg, G. Mueller, and I. Roeder)

Winter term (2010/11):
- Practical training course: Introduction to statistical analysis with R

Medical Informatics / Bioinformatics (University of Leipzig):

Winter term (2009/10):
- Lecture: Dynamical phenomena in biological networks

Winter term (2008/09):
- Lecture: Dynamical phenomena in biological networks
- Practical training course: Modelling of biological and molecular systems

Winter term (2007/08):
- Practical training course: Modelling of biological and molecular systems

Winter term (2006/07):
- Practical training course: Modelling of biological and molecular systems

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Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry
Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus
Dresden University of Technology
mail: D-01304 Dresden, Germany
office: Blasewitzer Str. 86 (Haus 105), Room 3.411, D-01307 Dresden, Germany

phone: +49(0)351 458 6051

fax: +49(0)351 458 7222

e-mail: ingmar.glauche @

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Other activities

founding member Friends of NAZ, Germany e.V.

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